Winter Advice

Did you know?

Patients with arthritis can suffer from increased pain during the winter months. There are a few reasons why we think this happens. One is that the drop in atmospheric pressure is suspected to affect fluid within the joints, causing increased pain. The cold temperatures can also cause pain receptors to become more sensitised, and muscles around the joints can become stiff, both of which can increase pain levels in our pets.  

Chat with your vet about pain control during the winter months. It may need to be adjusted during this period.

Keep them warm – especially small dogs or those with short coats. Wear a jumper indoors if the temperature drops. Have a comfy bed in a draft-free area with blankets they can snuggle into or a heated mattress. Use a warm well-fitted coat that doesn’t inhibit movement for walks. A wind and rainproof jacket or a fleece jumper that is easy to put on and take off. Making sure it is long enough to cover sore joints. After a cold or wet walk, drying or fleece coats are great to put on when they get home.

Watch their weight – the combination of reduced exercise and our tendency to overindulge in treats over the winter months can lead to weight gain. This increases the stress on arthritic joints. Keep an eye on body condition. Can ribs be felt under the skin? Is there a defined waist?

Check Out Our Weight Loss Clinic

Keep up with exercise – Use lead walking to warm up before off-lead running.

Wash paws after walking outdoors in winter, as salt and grit on the roads can irritate their skin. Applying paw balm helps the pads remain healthy, retaining their natural grip.

If the pads are hairy on the underside, snip away to help the pad engage the surface.

Avoid walking on icy pavements, which increases the risk of a fall.

Avoid very muddy grass as it can increase chances of slipping

Limit time spent outdoors. Those pads are walking on the very cold ground

Indoor activities can include scatter feeding or scent games. Work those brains with homemade games, snuffle mats & toys.

Stay visible – wearing a flashing dog light attached to a collar or harness when walking in the dark. You could also attach reflective strips to a harness or coat. 

Support them with joint supplements we supply & recommend Riaflex. Happy to chat in the clinic or look up online at Just like people, dogs are more susceptible to other illnesses during winter weather.

Stay hydrated – indoors can be a lot warmer for your pet during the winter months, make sure there is always access to fresh water. Pop an ice cube of bone broth into your dog’s water. Providing nutrients for joint, bone, skin & coat health. We recommend a local company Karnlea. For more information

Consult with your local, totally amazing pet rehab team 😉. We can offer advice on pain management and use modalities such as acupuncture, laser treatment and pulsed electromagnetic therapy to control pain associated with arthritis. Hydrotherapy in our heated pool at 31 degrees or underwater treadmill will keep those joints moving with low impact, improving muscle mass, joint movement and heart health.


We use Eco grit at home. Awesome product and most importantly pet friendly. Our patients need that extra help. 🐶❄️🤗