Spring Advice

Bob is excited. Spring is in the air! ☀️

Sunrise and sunset are now 1 hour later. Let’s hope we get some warmer, dry days for exploring with your furry pal.

All the new scents for the dog and us! We will be spending more time in the garden and enjoying walks. It’s important to know which growing plants 🪴 and flowers 🌼 can be harmful ⚠️ to our dogs.
Dogs stick their nose in anything new and interesting! Ingesting bulbs can make your dog feel poorly 🤮. Be mindful of Daffodils, Lilies, Crocus, Hyacinths, Bluebells, Azaleas and Tulips. Check out this link for dog-friendly plants 12 Tips for a Dog-Friendly Garden.

Be sure to check your fertilizers and pesticides for harmful chemicals. Here is a link to natural dog-friendly options Pet-Friendly Weedkillers.

It’s also that time of year for allergies 🤧. Watch out for sneezing and runny eyes, and consult with your vet. Dogs can have seasonal allergies too!

Flowers bring the bugs 🐌. Make sure you are updated with your flea tick and worming treatments. Consult your vet for advice. Late-night toileting, keep an eye. The slugs will be out in force!

Spring puts a step in their paws, enjoy happy days out and at home🐶☺️.