What our clients say...

We pride ourselves on our client feedback and keeping up with our past patients.

We were so glad that we found Vet Rehab NI as our cocker spaniel, Charlie, had snapped both cruciate ligaments and needed two surgeries. Vet Rehab really helped with his recovery and getting him ready for his subsequent surgery.

Charlie is now back to being a typical cocker spaniel, loving life with his long walks and doing what a cocker does best: running and chasing birds. Hydrotherapy and the advice and help provided by everyone at Vet Rehab NI definitely reduced his recovery time.

Thank you so much. Vanessa, Owen & Charlie

I’m not quite sure I can really put into words how much I am indebted to VetRehab NI.

Jake’s back legs went a few days before Christmas, with quite a bleak picture painted of his recovery. Clare took it upon herself to supply us with a last-minute crate so he could rest when he came home. Dear love her, she also educated me as Jake’s mum over the Christmas period as to how best to support him as he heals.

The support the physios and vet have given us is invaluable. We are slowly but surely getting our Springer Cheeky Bake Jake back one day at a time. The hydro team bared with Jake in his “grumpy” first few sessions (maybe the odd treat bribe)

They have been amazing with both Jake and Me (sometimes I’m worse than Jake) With their expertise and help, Jake has now “graduated” to the pool. What a fantastic achievement, given that his prognosis was not great at the start. They deserve medals. Angels, the lot of them. See The Video Here

All thanks to the team @ VetRehab NI. Endless thanks. Love the Shaws xxx

Frankie and his humans are superstars, thank you for trusting us with your special boy 💙🐶

Five weeks ago, our dog Frankie (Staffy cross Jack Russell) lost the ability to use his back legs and control his bladder and bowels. We believe this was caused by him running into the leg of our bed. He was prescribed gabapentin. However, over the following 5 /7 days, he deteriorated further, and we were informed that we would have to consider putting him to sleep. Vets agreed to try him on steroids at my request.

My daughter searched and found Vet Rehab NI. My husband contacted them, and they gave us an appointment within a few days. Frankie attended and was treated by Lisa. He enjoyed his sessions of physio and acupuncture. Frankie was heavily incontinent throughout treatment, but this was dealt with in a very dignified manner by Lisa. Lisa was very open and honest about the prognosis. She informed us that it was too early to know and advised us not to give up on him yet. Lisa gave us exercises to do at home with Frankie and showed us how to do these.

On Frankie’s 4th session with Lisa, he remained completely dry throughout the session and attempted to push himself up for Lisa. Last night, Frankie went to bed without a nappy for the first time since the accident. Frankie has regained complete control over his bladder and bowels. For the 1st two weeks, I had to squeeze Frankie’s bladder. Today, Frankie pushed himself onto his back paws and stepped towards me. We are delighted and amazed at Frankie’s recovery and feel Vet Rehab has played a big part in this. I feel positive that Frankie will continue to improve.

We have been bringing our senior lab, Guinness, to hydrotherapy at Vet Rehab NI – as a supplement to his medication. It is the best thing we could have done.
His strength, flexibility and range of movement have significantly improved.
A huge thank-you to Clare and her team for their care and attention to Guinness.
Their expertise, knowledge and love of animals is obvious.
Best of all, Guinness absolutely ADORES his hydro sessions. A big shout out to Megan – Guinness loves her!💜

My boy Ollie has been going to Clare for over 5 years now to help manage his arthritis, and he absolutely loves it and Clare. His preference Clare tells me, is definitely the pool rather than the treadmill. He loves his swimmies as he knows it as has been a great help to him over the years enabling him to still be as active as he is at 13. Thanks, Clare and team.

If I could give Vet Rehab NI a thousand stars, I would.

Kim, my 14-year-old schnauzer, attends hydrotherapy with Megan every fortnight and Josie for laser once a month.

Kim isn’t much of a swimmer but knows she can place her trust in Megan to keep her safe. She soon relaxes when she gets into the pool, especially loving her cuddles with Megan.

We thought we were losing Kim almost 2yrs ago. Without Megan and Josie working to help build Kim’s strength, I’m not sure she’d be here today. So thankful for the love and work you both do to help improve Kim’s quality of life ❤

I don’t know of any better team than you guys. Thank you for everything you have done for Kim and continue to do. You are AMAZING ❤

My 12-year-old boy Siege has been coming here for about a year due to degenerative myelopathy. The team there are an amazing group, and Susan, who works with Siege, is so lovely and patient. We now have wheels which they have loaned us, and honestly, it’s a game-changer for him. I can’t recommend this place enough. You won’t find a better place than VetRehab NI 😍 a million stars from us ❤

I brought my puppy Oreo to Vet Rehab NI because he was scared of water, so much so even the little bit that gathered in the bath after showering was enough for him to jump out. He attended the pool with Megan, and after a few sessions, he loves jumping into puddles, streams & the sea. I cannot recommend or thank Megan enough. Vet Rehab NI is amazing!

Teddy and I can’t thank Vet Rehab NI enough. Teddy experienced a rapid deterioration in his arthritis in February. Josie’s expertise and regular provision of acupuncture and laser treatment have been invaluable in stabilising his condition, managing his pain and improving his mobility.
He had his first hydrotherapy session with Megan last week, and we were just so appreciative of the time and care she took with his assessment and introduction to a new therapy. Her calm approach made him feel so secure. It was a really positive experience, and he has been in great form since.
The care from Vet Rehab NI has been exceptional and has significantly improved Teddy’s mood and quality of life.

– Karen

Our French Bulldog, Darcy, has been attending regular water treadmill and acupuncture appointments since her IDD surgery in April 2022. Darcy has made incredible progress and we see a difference each session. Her proprioception has improved dramatically.
The whole team are absolutely fabulous and Darcy loves all of you! Darcy is not an easy patient, she’s very hyper and easily stimulated and doesn’t like to do anything for free – the team are excellent at providing the best bribes (Darcy’s words, not mine!). She thoroughly enjoys her appointments and we love taking her.

We can’t recommend the team at Vet Rehab NI enough.

We can’t say enough positive words about all at Vet Rehab NI. We take Cody for hydrotherapy, and he’s also had acupuncture with Josie. It’s done wonders for both his movement and confidence to get going again. Cody had to have one of his front legs removed after an accident, and he was struggling with even just getting to the toilet. They have helped him turn it around, and he’s back on the beach enjoying life yet again. We are all so thankful for the time and work that the whole team have put in to help him.

I couldn’t be more grateful to this fantastic team for the great work they are doing, so compassionate, loving and involved in the care they provide. My Becky is quite an emotional girl, and she’s been through a lot, but I m amazed with the progress she s making. In such a short time, she became so compliant with interventions, and she enjoys going for her acupuncture and swimming sessions and how much she loves Josie and Clare. Finding this great team was the best thing that happened to us, and now I am more confident that she will regain or improve her mobility. 
Thank you, Vet Rehab NI, for all your help!


I would be lost entirely without this team, we have used the services of previous Physio Pets NI and Paws for a Splash, and I am delighted to see them amalgamate, giving a combined service.
We started using both when our Paddy tore his cruciate ligament, but as he was also diagnosed with Lymphoma, going through heavy chemotherapy operating was not an option. Between Josies physio work and Claires team providing hydrotherapy, we kept him happy and mobile for the last six months of his life, which meant the world to Paddy and us.
He thoroughly enjoyed his sessions of acupuncture and hydrotherapy. There was no stress or discomfort. Far from it, he’s loved the ladies and the attention they showered on him.
Sadly we lost Paddy to his Cancer at the start of the year. Still, again Josie, a fully qualified vet and physiotherapist, went above and beyond when she came to comfort Paddy and me in our home, confirming what I already knew, that it was his time. Having an independent but trusted opinion to reassure me we had done everything we could and that it was not fair to let Paddy go on gave me the confidence to do the right thing by him without the guilt of questioning if I had given him every chance, I will always be grateful for this. 
Best team out there. Thank you for everything, ladies.

My 12-year-old GSD Tegan now gets regular acupuncture treatment to aid discomfort in her hindquarters. Before she started receiving treatment, we thought she was in her last days. She was slow, uncomfortable, understandably grumpy and had lost her zest for life. She was also challenging to have around our smaller dogs as she would growl when they came close, obviously fearful they would hurt her by jumping or knocking into her. 
Now it is like we’ve gone back five years and got our old Tegan back. She’s happy and playful, an absolute delight to see. We’re back up to a full 1 hr walks up hills and in forests without her suffering for days afterwards, and she’s allowing the small dogs to sleep in her bed.
Tegan started off her acupuncture on a fortnightly basis. As she has improved, Josie has reduced the treatments while keeping in touch to make sure she is coping OK with more extended periods in between. It’s hilarious to watch Tegan as she gets her acupuncture. As the needles go in, you can physically see her relax until she is usually asleep by the end of it. Thank you so much!


I recommend Vet Rehab NI, especially Josie and what’s more important is my gorgeous boy Harley loves her (or the treats lol, no he does, loves Josie). I have seen the difference in Harley after just a few sessions, and he loves it now, hardly notices the acupuncture needles and is pretty chilled out.
This is a fantastic service and well-needed.
Thank you

I can’t say enough positive words of praise for the gang at Vet Rehab NI. Such a lovely, knowledgeable, caring and compassionate team. My girl Sasha is in the early stages of her hydrotherapy, and I’m very impressed with our treatment. These girls go above and beyond. Their passion and love for dogs are very apparent. Thank you all for your help and support. Xx