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Vet Rehab NI pet pain management and rehabilitation

Vet Rehab NI
Compassion & Excellence

With the many advances made in veterinary medicine and surgery, we are fortunate to be able to access higher standards of care in Northern Ireland than ever before for our beloved pets. Specialist help is now available, both for post-surgical care and in the care of our older patients who suffer similar conditions as we do.

Here at Vet Rehab NI, we are a team that has come together with a mutual desire and goals. We provide the highest level of care to your pet in both chronic pain management and rehabilitation. We are passionate about what we do and are excited and honoured to be a part of the journey. Thank you for trusting us to be a part of your pet’s care.

Pet being looked after

Institute of Registered Animal Physiotherapists

nominated 2023 and 2024


Veterinary physiotherapy is essential in the prevention, cure and rehabilitation of many conditions. Following soft tissue injuries, fractures, age-related musculoskeletal disease, and several different surgical procedures, physiotherapy is used to accelerate healing, rehabilitation, and restore function. Canine physiotherapy re-educates movement, increases strength and function, reduces pain, swelling and inflammation and improves your dogs quality of life and return to normal mobility.

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Physiotherapy Conditions that can be helped:

  • Rehabilitation after surgery – for example, following surgery for hip and elbow dysplasia and cruciate disease
  • Rehabilitation following fractures
  • Joint problems- including degenerative disease/arthritis, pain/injury/stiffness in joints
  • Congenital problems, e.g. elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, cranial cruciate ligament rupture
  • Back, neck and pelvic pain- including intervertebral disc disease, lumbosacral stenosis
  • Muscle, tendon and ligament strain/tears
  • Neurological conditions
  • Pain or discomfort
  • Difficulty with function, e.g. jumping, stairs
  • A special note on the athlete – agility, working, and flyball dogs suffer many soft tissue injuries, which are often subtle and complex to make a complete diagnosis. Also, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal performance can be enhanced by physiotherapy intervention

A multidisciplinary team
dedicated to the care of your pet

Offering a comprehensive
range of treatment options

Clinical reasoning

Committed to continually educating
ourselves in our chosen fields

We are passionate about the wellbeing
and welfare of your pet

We provide essential peripheral care to your pet for surgical rehab and chronic pain management

Working with your veterinary surgeon
to optimise your pet's care

Appointment times are offered to
accommodate your needs

We communicate with
honesty and transparency

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EVERYONE WINTER ADVICE We use Eco grit at home. Awesome product and most importantly pet friendly. Our patients need that extra help.


Your pet will be assessed and examined, and the case discussed with you. Your feedback is a vital part of the process, so be prepared to ask many questions! No case is identical, so we assess individually and then go through the potential treatment options.​

Yes, we always require a referral and a clinical history from your primary vet. We work alongside the medical and surgical management provided by your vet to optimise the wellbeing and outcome of your pet.​

Yes, we can assess and treat other pets such as cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. Our vet, Josie, has performed acupuncture in all of the above successfully.​

There may be occasion when your pets treatment is better conducted in the absence of the pet owner, also due to the risk of covid 19 where possible we try to limit foot traffic in the clinic.​

We will work closely with you and your pet and provide regular feedback if and when our job is complete. Some chronic pain cases have lifelong maintenance, while other cases such as post-surgical rehab may only require a short treatment period.​​

Yes, our job is not to replace the medical treatment your pet is receiving but work alongside your vet to optimise outcomes and improve wellbeing and pain management.​

As registered and qualified therapists if your insurance company offers cover we are happy to assist with this process.​

No, we provide an out patient service. Depending on treatment each visit could last 30 mins to 2 hours.​


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