Halloween Safety

Our little Bob has dressed up today. 🙀🎃He has some important Halloween pet safety help for everyone 40% of all pets are scared of fireworks 🙁💥
☠️Give up your social life. Your pet needs your presence.
🎃Relaxation music over a loud television, Bob likes classical 🎼
👻Bring small furry friends indoors, and keep them in a pet carrier, in a quiet area of the home.
☠️Close curtains and blinds.
🎃Consider a hiding spot or den for your dog and cat with favourite toys and treats.
👻Walk before it gets dark.
☠️If you are dressing up, make sure your dog sees you doing it!
🎃Think about Halloween from your pet’s point of view and realise how scary it can be!
👻Keep all those sticky sweets and chocolates out of nose and paws reach.
If you are concerned speak to your vet for help with remedy diffusers and medications. Stay safe and enjoy the festivities.