Weight Loss Clinic

Obesity and weight management is vital to reduce early onset orthopaedic conditions.  Like humans’ overweight dogs are at greater risk for heart disease, arthritis, liver disease, diabetes and more.

To determine if your dog is overweight, run your hand along their side.  If you can not feel ribs, it is time to start a weight reduction programme. 

A weight loss programme for dogs is multi-faceted and should include the following:

  • Veterinary Examination
  • Household participation
  • Diet change
  • Exercise
  • Monitor progress
  • Maintenance

In combination with specific dietary management and land-based exercise, hydrotherapy is an effective aid to weight to loss.  The increased resistance provided by the water requires greater effort from your dog.  We use a combination of swimming and underwater treadmill therapies. 

We will as with all treatments require veterinary approval, we will contact your vet directly. 

Weight Loss Clinic Cost

£ 45
per treatment
  • £264 for a package of 6 treatments
  • £435 for a package of 10 treatments

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