Raise My Bowls

Why feed elevated?

Dogs with balance problems and arthritis struggle to stay in the position required to eat. It’s effectively a press-up position!

The dog carries about 60% of its body weight on the front limbs and about 40% on the hind limbs. If we feed the dog on the ground, the pressure increases so much that one-sided stresses arise in the joints, and the dog adopts a hunched posture.

If we feed elevated, we reduce the pressure on the joints enormously. The dog automatically assumes a balanced correct posture, which can be seen very nicely in the second picture.

Comfort for all dogs, but with arthritis, shoulder problems such as biceps tendon inflammation, elbow dysplasia and spinal disorders, it is imperative to elevate feeding.

You can make a big difference with little effort. You don’t even have to buy new bowls. A book stack will work as well, or a wooden box. In our clinic, we use a selection of handmade and purchased options.