PEMF ….. say what?🤔🤔

PEMF is a safe, non-invasive treatment that we offer in the clinic.

Patients often enjoy the therapy and get quite sleepy 😴 🥱 during it. Treatment usually starts twice weekly and then spreads according to the patient’s needs.🫶

The science bit 👩‍🔬👨‍⚕…. PEMF (or Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy) uses low-level electromagnetic stimulation to stimulate the cells🧬in our body. Every cell has polarity (like a battery), and magnets affect polarity. PEMF makes the mitochondria within our cells produce more ATP( adenosine triphosphate), which the body uses for energy. It reduces free radicals and improves the transport of ions like calcium and potassium across cell membranes, thereby improving overall cellular function.🤲

Concerning pain 😖PEMF changes the membrane potentials at the prostaglandin receptor sites of type C nerves reducing their effectiveness in transmitting pain signals to the brain. In recent years, researchers have confirmed that PEMF has a role in stem cell and osteogenic proliferation. PEMF is FDA-approved for stimulating bone growth and treating oedema and pain.

Scientists 👩‍🔬 have been able to show:

✅PEMF can reduce pain and swelling after surgery

✅PEMF can reduce chronic pain

✅PEMF can help with fracture healing

✅PEMF can help reduce cartilage breakdown in osteoarthritis and improve the functional performance of patients after one month of therapy.

Ask in the clinic if you want to know more or book a course of treatment.🫶🐾🐶