We have recently introduced sensory matting in our physiotherapy clinic. 😊

It is primarily used in dogs with reduced sensation and poor neurological function, such as older patients with spinal degeneration and those recovering from 🩼🦽spinal surgery.

Sensory stimulation is a component of rehabilitation in cases such as these and includes toe pinching, 😬brushing🐾and utilising different floor surfaces.

The theory is that we stimulate the sensory nerve fibres 🧬in the peripheral nerves of the paws🐾,which improves the processing of the signals 🔁and, therefore, motor skills (movement) 🐕‍🦺🐕and proprioception (awareness of the position and movement of the body).🐩

Modelled by Morris, Poppy and Megan. 🤗🐶

Morris and Megan are older pups now, and alongside acupuncture and laser for spondylitis, we use the mats as an exercise to improve balance and proprioception.

Poppy has three legs! she weight shifts for balance, so using the mats instantly, we can adapt her weight bearing and heighten her senses.