Frankie rocking rehab at the 5 week mark. 👏 read more below ⬇

🤩🤩🤩Frankie and his humans are superstars, thank you for trusting us with your special boy 💙🐶

Five weeks ago, our dog Frankie (Staffy cross Jack Russell) lost the ability to use his back legs and control his bladder and bowels. We believe this was caused by him running into the leg of our bed. He was prescribed gabapentin. However, over the following 5 /7 days, he deteriorated further, and we were informed that we would have to consider putting him to sleep. Vets agreed to try him on steroids at my request.

My daughter searched and found Vet Rehab NI. My husband contacted them, and they gave us an appointment within a few days. Frankie attended and was treated by Lisa. He enjoyed his sessions of physio and acupuncture. Frankie was heavily incontinent throughout treatment, but this was dealt with in a very dignified manner by Lisa. Lisa was very open and honest about the prognosis. She informed us that it was too early to know and advised us not to give up on him yet. Lisa gave us exercises to do at home with Frankie and showed us how to do these.

On Frankie’s 4th session with Lisa, he remained completely dry throughout the session and attempted to push himself up for Lisa. Last night, Frankie went to bed without a nappy for the first time since the accident. Frankie has regained complete control over his bladder and bowels. For the 1st two weeks, I had to squeeze Frankie’s bladder. Today, Frankie pushed himself onto his back paws and stepped towards me. We are delighted and amazed at Frankie’s recovery and feel Vet Rehab has played a big part in this. I feel positive that Frankie will continue to improve.