Easter advice

Easter Advice

Oh dear, Bob is feeling very poorly 🤢 and needs our help. He has gotten into the chocolate easter egg stash🥚🍫😟. Looks like a trip to his vet. 🚑

Here is some advice from Vets now 🙏and a video for all the family to watch Click Me. If you are concerned that your pet has eaten chocolate, you should call your vet; better to be safe.


🐶 – Never leave your dog unsupervised if something delicious and dangerous is in reach
🐶 – Train your dog to ‘leave’ or ‘drop’ or ‘no’ giving you a chance to retrieve
🐶 – Dog-proof bins are also available
🐶 – Better to store chocolate in a high cupboard as they can open doors!
🐶 – Dog gates are a great barrier but it doesn’t mean a tempting item can be left out as that temptation could be too much leading to injury
🐶 – Not everyone knows chocolate is bad for dogs so let visitors, family and friends know